Our Wines

Cabernet Franc:
Cabernet Franc is a red grape producing a smooth, rich aroma and flavor blending spicy berry, cherry and raspberry. It works well in any red wine scenario, but especially with grilled meats, a variety of cheeses, or with wild game.

White Chambourcin:
White Chambourcin is made from the RED French-American hybrid Chambourcin grape but using the white wine-making process. This produces a milder flavor than Chambourcin with its fruitiness hinting of cranberry which allows it to compliment spicy or salty foods, ham, chocolate and strawberries.

Vidal Blanc:
Vidal Blanc is a French-American hybrid with a subtle fruitiness that pairs especially well with seafood, poultry, or an afternoon on the porch.

Chambourcin is a red French-American hybrid for which the exact parentage is unknown. Chambourcin has a distinctive dark coloring and herbaceous aroma. The wine hints of spicy black cherries and plum flavors, and pairs very well with dark chocolate, barbeque, pork and grilled meats.

What can I say, like opinions and belly buttons, every winery has one. The wine's characteristics are derived more from the wine making techniques, which did not involve any oak, than the grape itself. The flavors that can be coaxed from Chardonnay are banana, melon, pineapple, peach, nectarine, or apple, depending on the individual consumer.

Cayuga White:
We first tasted this wine at Bully Hill Winery in New York. Its very crisp taste presents with a wonderful citrus aftertaste. If you were to serve wine for brunch, this would be our pick as well as a great partner to roasted turkey and wild game. It is a hybrid developed in New York State and named for Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes. As a more cold-hardy grape, it is not found at many Virginia wineries.

Granny Smith Apple Wine:
Made from 100% granny smith apples, this wine is crisp with a natural apple flavor with no need for extra sweetness. Great with the usual white wine "pairings" or all by itself.

Old-fashioned Apple Wine:
The juices of 4 Virginia heirloom apples are crafted into this wine to create a wonderful accompaniment to barbecue, pork dishes, and a variety of cheeses.

Caroline White:
This blend is a combination of our Vidal Blanc with the bold grapy flavor of Niagara. It is the perfect wine for after a big meal.

Caroline Red:
Our rich-flavored red blend of our Cabernet Franc and our Chambourcin is a perfect "dinner party red." Its smoothness complements classic Italian dishes as well as grilled foods or can just be enjoyed by the glass.